Mapping Software

Build Custom Maps. Manage Hyper-Local Content on Your Maps. Engage Users. Enable Organizations. Grow Communities.

Mapping Use-Cases:

  • City Governments & Neighborhoods/Districts Can Map Local Businesses, Enable Local Partnerships, & Stimulate Growth of Local Economies
  • Hotel Chains Can Map Local Restaurants & Tourist Attractions, Enhance the Guest Experience via Virtual Tours, & Reduce Concierge Wait Time
  • Real-Estate Firms Can Map Properties, Create Leads, & Offer Virtual Tours
  • Social Networks Can Map User Generated Photos, Videos, & Reviews

Software Engages Users Via:

  • 2D or 3D maps on Websites
  • Guided virtual tours & immersive fly-through experiences
  • Maps on screens or kiosks in hotels visitor centers, & lobbies
  • Location-based maps on phones, iPads, & other mobile devices
  • Featured content, user content, or content from our Editorial Team


Add maps to existing sites or create a new social platform:

  • Create your own hyper-local social network with mapping, or add customizable maps to your existing Websites
  • You can manage & moderate all content on your maps, or you can invite users & organizations to create their own maps & group profiles
  • You collect a database of rich info about community preferences
  • Local communities can build custom maps, create groups, form partnersh, & organize according to polls & group admin preferences
  • Individuals can explore, socialize, & collaborate via personalized maps


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Example hyper-local social platform & blog:


Our Editorial Team can keep your maps fresh:

In addition to adding your own posts to your maps, our experienced Mapcidy Editorial Team can help you keep your local content up-to-date.

Be sure to check out the Mapcidy Blog where our team of writers recommend hot restaurants, art shows, music, and theater in New York City. Our writers also contribute to the Huffington Post and Gawker.


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