Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance - Drupal 7 CMS & Responsive Design

This Drupal 7 platform was built by Web5design from the ground up as a sophisticated enterprise Web application which allows the global non-profit, Rainforest Alliance, to manage & maintain their multimedia content & Web campaigns with ease. The latest Responsive design techniques were employed, allowing RFA's international Shop the Frog program to display beautifully on iPads, mobile phones & desktops along with a range of dynamic page layout options, auto-resizing imagery, dynamic menus/accessible navigation & social media touch-points, as well as mobile-friendly Webforms with personalized search filters. The CMS provides a seamless user-experience for RFA content editors, stakeholders, partners & general audience alike, with on-demand, cloud-based tools for optimal user engagement & collaboration, SEO & analytics, as well as cross-platform/mobile compatibility - ultimately maximizing ease-of-use & increasing user engagement, while also providing our client with immediate cost-savings, actionable insights & measurable results.

See the public-facing Drupal 7 platform in action at Rainforest-Alliance.org

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