Publishing Software

Manage, Publish, & Monetize Content on Websites, Phones, & iPads. Improve Workflow, Engage Readers, & Integrate Social Media.

Introducing the DreamPublisher software platform.

Earn ROI

  • Create new advertising opportunities & track readership across platforms
  • Open new avenues for monetizing content & push content to more platforms
  • Earn $$$ via the integrated e-commerce system with subscriptions & micropayments

Save Money

  • Auto-convert content for multiple platforms: Web, phones, iPads
  • Improve workflow using role-based user accounts & permissions
  • Manage all of your content & advertising internally, without coding

 Measure & Automate

  • Capture rich customer data via Google Analytics, ChartBeat, Omniture, or personal profiles
  • Automatically push all content to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or Flickr
  • Invite readers to share your free content virally via email, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube


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