Web5design's core services include:

Drupal (D6, D7 & D8), Custom CMSs, Collaboration Tools & Social Platforms

"Drupal, an open source content management system used by large organizations including Twitter, Best Buy & Stanford University, is an ideal platform for social publishing. There are more than 12,000 Drupal modules available that businesses can adopt or modify according to their own needs. Drupal’s modular approach allows companies to reduce their development costs, create a broad range of applications based on their needs and deploy solutions at a rapid pace."
-via "Four Ways Companies Can Use Open Source Social Publishing Tools to Enhance Their Business Operations"

Interactive Maps & Google Earth

Wordpress & Joomla Sites, Blogs, Online Communities & Forums

Apps for mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Custom Social Widgets

Video Sites, Education Tools & Training Platforms

Our additional capabilities include:

Big Data Acquisition, Mining & High-Performance Spiders/Bots/Crawlers

Information Architecture, Database Systems Design & Development

Interactive Visualizations, D3, Three.js, Unity 3D

Responsive Mobile Design & Apps for Phones & Tablets

HTML5, Node.js & Jquery Designs & Development

UI/UX Design, Interaction Design & Development

Asset Management, Storage & Sharing/Collaboration Tools

Live Image/Video/Audio Processing, Media Asset Transcoding, FFMPEG, ImageMagik & OpenCV

Content Delivery Networks, Memecache, LESS & Other Low-Latency Media Delivery

Custom Web Services, Media Streaming & On-Demand Services

Custom APIs, JSON/XML/Restful Feeds, OPML, WSDL & Legacy Systems Integrations

High Performance Search for Private or Public Cloud Databases, Apache Solr/Lucene & Faceted Search

Server Administration, MySQL Database Architecture & LAMP Consulting

Virtual Private Hosting & Dedicated Hosting Packages

Amazon Web Services, Acquia Webservices, Rackspace, GoDaddy, MediaTemple, Peer1, Dreamhost

Automated Backups for Data & File Assets, AWS S3 & Glacier

High-Performance Cloud Computing, Hadoop, Mapreduce & Parallel Processing

Google Analytics, User Testing, Log Analysis, Accessibility Standards & Usability Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Monetization

Monthly Maintenance, Software Upgrades, On-Demand Support & Training Packages

Emergency 24/7/365 Support, Real-Time System Monitoring & Alerts for Mission-Critical Applications

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